About IIC

Whenever men’s classic-wear gets a mention, for all those familiar with sartorial language, it usually translates into a dress-code that has its roots in England & is accepted globally as classic style. The English dress-code was the only way for ‘a gentleman’ & anyone aspiring to look ‘well dressed’ anywhere in the world followed the path.  India was no different & the strong influence of colonial fashion is clearly evident in the way her subjects dress to this day.  

Our History

However, the story of ‘The Imperial India Company’ is different & one that took a cue from the rare occasion of thoroughbred Englishmen finding inspiration in classic attire other than the one found in their land where the sun never set. This sartorial fusing of two cultures, both blue-blooded & with an extremely proud heritage of style, fashion & flamboyance led to a relationship that gave birth to their exclusive range of Indo-western classical clothing.

The Imperial India Company’ aspires to provide the most comprehensive selection of Indo-western clothing & picks only the classiest attire from both these worlds & enhances it with their renowned deft cut that gives the outfits that ‘royal  edge”. The brands outstanding history of bespoke that has made its flagship world famous is clearly visible in this ready-to-wear range which exudes the same panache, but has a friendlier price tag.

The label believes that the modern gentleman of style possesses the flair to mix tailored garments with mass products, exclusiveness & practicality. A long pin-tuck white kurta with waistcoat, black buttons & pocket ‘hank’ is just as acceptable a polo cocktail outfit as a made to measure bandhgala or blazer worn over denims. For them, dressing well…or like a ‘gentleman’…is not equated with stubborn conservatism & therefore, innovations that prove their worth by looking dashing & cool, find acceptance in the brands flamboyant wardrobe.

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